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United Motorsport ECU + DSG MK7 R / S3

United Motorsport ECU + DSG MK7 R / S3
Part Number: Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3
Brand: United Motorsport
List Price: $2,500.00
Price: $1,298.00 to $2,399.00

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This is a ECU and DSG flash for the MK7 Golf R and Audi S3 . No upcharge for Stage 2.

Boost levels from 15 PSI- 29 PSI with OEM Map sensors. More available see below.

Adjustable Launch Boost

Dyno chart Coming soon
367 ftlbs / 364 whp
E10 Compatible as standard.


United Motorsport software improves all of the following aspects of the 2.0 TSI motor:

  • Speed limiter removed
  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Smoother idle
  • Smoother under partial throttle conditions
  • Improved engine response
  • Optimized power delivery
  • Working Immobilizer
  • Improved fuel economy
  • DSG Features

  • Torque limit raised to 650nm.
  • Modified D mode shift pattern, for improved driving
  • Modified S mode shift pattern, 6700 RPM
  • True Manual Mode: No auto-upshift in ‘M’ mode if requested or Auto upshift at @7200
  • Improved shift response in all modes
  • Launch control enabled
  • Launch Control: 4000,4500RPM
  • Gear indicator on cluster enabled in D and S modes
  • Combo tune shown. Non combo tunes are available for manual transmission models. See related.
  • Inhouse installation only.
  • Hybrid turbo's see option tab.
  • If already UM  Tuned (  deduct 700 for  ECU or 1300 for  ECU+DSG)

$400 Upgrade for existing UM combo customers.  Hybrid or big turbo ( software only)

$300 Upgrade to MPI (software only)

$100 to Upgrade to a 5BAR/ 4BAR MAP kit (software only)

$100 to Upgrade to E85 ( software only must purchase a MPI kit with sensor)

$200  to upgrade to user adj LC ( must already have UM ECU and DSG software)


Add the ability to run any blend of ethanol once the MPI is added and E85 sensor is enabled.


Cold start
 - Often high ethanol content fuel be difficult to start in cold weather.
       No cold start worries with United Motorsport Pro-Flex.

Ignition Advance
     - Ignition mapping is critical if you want to optimize the gains that
       ethanol can provide. United Motorsport software will adjust
       ignition advance based on the percentage of ethanol. This ensures
       high torque on high ethanol and safe advance when you return to 
       lower ethanol content.
Boost limitation 
     - The stock fuel system was not designed to meet the flow requirements
       when running high ethanol content and increased manifold pressure.
       United Motorsport software will raise or lower maximum boost to keep
       safely inside the flow capability of the fuel system.

     - No user adjustments required.
     - Just add ethanol and go !



The famed single 525 Walbro pump and PM4 controller are better suited for the front wheel drive MQB vehicles GTI & GLI with a non-saddle FWD type fuel tank. There is a fair amount of loss on the siphon side of the AWD saddle fuel tank equipped cars. This loss doesn't apply to the FWD cars. It's roughly 14%; this means you will not get 30-34 PSI on your selected hybrid turbo on E80 unless you have a Brushless pump or a Dual 450 pump set.

You can achieve 30 PSI safely on the hybrid of your choice with an E46 Blend with a 525 FP and PM4.

Some clients state they want a conservative tune, however they don't won’t blend fuel to achieve the best mixture for the less potent parts they selected or were steered to purchase.

The UM ProFlex tune will cut boost based off the fuel delivery and Ethanol contact, If you don't have enough it cuts the boost to save the engine.


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Part # Item Software Enable Price
Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3 United Motorsport ECU + DSG MK7 R / S3 ECU + DSG $1,298.00 Add to Cart
Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3 ECU+DSG+Hybrid+MPI+E85+5BAR $2,199.00 Add to Cart
Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3 United Motorsport ECU + DSG MK7 R / S3 ECU+DSG+Hybrid+MPI+E85+5BAR+User ADJ LC $2,399.00 Add to Cart
Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3 United Motorsport ECU + DSG + Haldex ECU + 6 speed DSG+ Haldex $1,800.00 Add to Cart
Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3 United Motorsport ECU + DSG MK7.5 R / S3 ECU + 7 speed DSG $1,299.00 Add to Cart
Unitedmotorsportmk7R-S3 United Motorsport ECU + DSG MK7.5 R / S3 ECU + 7 speed DSG+ Haldex $1,800.00 Add to Cart

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Fits These Applications:

Year Make Model SubModel Engine Transmission Drive
2016 - 2020 Audi TTS MK3 - 8S MQB 2.0 TFSI DSG Quattro
2015 - 2020 Audi S3 MK3 - 8V MQB 2.0 TFSI DSG Quattro
2018 - 2020 Volkswagen Golf R MK7.5 2.0 TSI- 288HP
2015 - 2017 Volkswagen GOLF R MK7 2.0 TSI

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